How to make watermelon juice with a slow juicer

How to make watermelon juice with a slow juicer

How to make watermelon juice with a blender
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Watermelon juice by slow juicer is an easy-to-make juice with a delicious, refreshing taste with many vitamins, which helps to beautify the skin and effectively quench thirst, especially in hot summer days. Today, let’s go to the kitchen with Recipes of Dad  to learn the recipe and make this drink!

How to make watermelon juice


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How to make watermelon juice with a slow juicer

Servings: 4

Fresh watermelon juice

Recipe watermelon juice

  1. How to make Watermelon Juice

    Buy watermelon, you wash it with water, then peel it off with a knife, then cut it into small pieces with the length of each piece about 1.5 fingers and put on a plate.

    Lemon you pre-wash with water and then cut into slices with a knife and squeeze the lemon juice into a separate bowl.


  2. Squeeze watermelon with slow juicer

    Put the melons into the slow juicer one by one, then start the machine to squeeze out all the core juice of the melon.

    Next, pour all the pure juice out of the glass and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, squeeze it all out.

    Stir the air conditioner together, finally add a few more ice cubes and enjoy right away!

  3. Finished

    You simply have a delicious, nutritious glass of watermelon juice with a delicious fresh sweetness and beautiful crimson color, to invite friends and family to enjoy at noon or on a summer day!

    Try it and feel it now! That's great!

    How to make watermelon juice

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