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Mistakes to avoid when using stainless steel pots

Among the types of pots and pans, stainless steel pots will often have a longer life and are prone to yellowing, notorious if you use them incorrectly, or do not manage and protect them carefully. Therefore, in the Tip for the kitchen, Recipes of Dad will point out the necessary mistakes when using stainless steel pots that you can make right away!

Mistakes to avoid when using stainless steel pots

Use the pot as soon as you buy it

The types of stainless steel pots when packaged and sold are often coated with an outer layer of oil to create brightness for the stainless steel pot.

Therefore, if used daily, this layer of oil will stick to the product, affecting the health and quality of the dish. Therefore, you should wash it with a little warm water, or use a thin towel to absorb water, let it dry and you can use it.

Use the pot as soon as you buy it

Use a pot to store sour and salty foods for too long

Because sour food is acidic, if you cook it for too long in the pot, or leave it overnight, it will wear down the stainless steel of the pot.

And food that is too spicy and salty will produce harmful toxins, sometimes food is also degraded when in contact with stainless steel, which is harmful to health. Therefore, you should put food in boxes to preserve.

Use a pot to store sour and salty foods for too long

Leaving the empty pot on the hot stove for too long

When cooking, put food in the pot and then turn on the stove, but do not leave the food in the hot pot for too long before you put the food in.

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The reason is because stainless steel absorbs heat quite quickly, so it will easily make the bottom of the pot not burn, the pot deforms, the reduction, especially in the toilet, stainless steel pots will often be more difficult to clean with other types of pots.

Errors to note when using stainless steel
Errors to note when using stainless steel

Using the wrong pot

To use a stainless steel pot effectively and without affecting the health and quality of the dish, the first thing you should do before using it is to understand the characteristics of the stainless steel pot.

Although the stainless steel pot absorbs heat quickly, the heat is not evenly distributed, and the stainless steel pot will usually have 2 types, a 1-bottom pot and a 3-bottom pot or more. Each type of pot will have its own properties, suitable for each cooking method.

As with the 1-bottom pot, it will usually be quite thin, easy to burn food, so it will be suitable for cooking soup, boiling because a large amount of water is used. As for the 3-bottom pot or more, the plus point is to absorb heat and transfer heat evenly, so you should use it when you want to make braised dishes, fried dishes, stir-fried dishes.


Season with salt when the water in the pot cools.

You should not taste salt when the water in the pot is still cold, because at this time the salt will not be dissolved, sometimes there are tiny salt particles on the wall of the pot, this will affect the quality of the pot for a long time. causing wear and pitting in the surface.

So, remember to wait for the water to be hot before starting to taste the seasoning.

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Clean the pot with iron brush

In cases where the pot is burnt, you should not use an iron brush to rub it vigorously, but soak it in warm water for the burn to soften and then use a soft pot brush to clean it.

As for stubborn stains, you must use an iron or aluminum brush to gently rub your hands to avoid scratching the surface of the pot.

Besides, you should also not use strong detergents to remove stains because it will erode the stainless steel of the pot. Better yet, use a soft dishcloth or a soft cloth to clean.

Wash the pot while it’s still hot

Washing the pot as soon as it is hot is a fatal mistake, avoid doing this if you don’t want to have to buy a new pot.

Because when the pot is still hot, if you put water in it right away, it will lead to thermal shock, creating a black burn on the bottom of the pot and making the pot more difficult to clean.

So, wait for the pot to cool completely before you start washing it.

Wash the pot in the dishwasher

If your home uses a dishwasher to clean pots, pans, and dishes, before buying a pot, ask the seller carefully about the pot materials that can be used for the dishwasher.

Besides, you should limit or it is best that the stainless steel pot alone should not be put in the dishwasher, because the cleaning process uses high temperatures, accompanied by strong detergents, leading to the pot being easily damaged. damaged, rusted quickly.

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Do not dry the pot after washing

Because when water is stagnant and left for a long time, it will form dull spots on the surface. Therefore, instead of letting the pot dry on its own, when you’re done washing it, wipe it off with a soft cloth to absorb the water, then place it in a dry place, so that the pot will keep its shine.

Leave the pot dirty overnight

When leaving the dirty pot overnight, in addition to making the stains burn, or the food residue stays in the pot longer and is difficult to clean and clean. Then the food left in the pot overnight will easily cause the pot to corrode, especially with the dishes you reheat, reheat a lot, causing saltiness, which is not better.

With the information that RofD has just shared, hopefully, it will help you know the mistakes to avoid when using stainless steel pots, thereby both helping to protect the health of your family members, while preserving The pot is more durable. Check out more great tips in the Kitchen Tips section!

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