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6 ways to juice fruit with a slow juicer are extremely nutritious, simple and easy to do

For women, juice is not only a refreshing drink, but also a “medicine” that is very good for health as well as for the skin. Therefore, in order to bring more choices to everyone, together with Recipes of Dad  Kitchen Tips column, we review 9 ways to juice fruits with a slow juicer that are both nutritious and quick and convenient. together!

juice fruit with a slow juicer

1. Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice
Grapefruit juice

First of all,Recipes of Dad  will give everyone the recipe for making grapefruit juice in a flash with the  slow juicer. Surely you will be surprised by the extremely fast execution time!

It is no exaggeration to say that, thanks to a slow juicer, it is possible to completely squeeze the “essences” of that attractive grapefruit material, helping to retain the amount of nutrients surprisingly completely.

Moreover, you can also combine with apple and ginger to create more harmonious color for the glass of juice as well as neutralize the sour taste of grapefruit thanks to the sweet taste of apple, adding a little spicy of ginger dental!

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2.Watermelon juice


Surely everyone is familiar with the image of a large, round, succulent watermelon.

In addition to being a refreshing dessert, watermelon can also be transformed into countless different drinks

But today when made with a slow juicer, the finished product received did not disappoint people’s expectations.

Besides the advantage of being quick and convenient, the glass of juice also wears the characteristic red color of watermelon, which is very stimulating, the natural sweetness that continuously lingers on the tip of the tongue is wonderful

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3.Toad juice

Toad juice

Toad juice, although it sounds quite strange, but in fact, this is a great drink that you definitely should not ignore. Let’s take a look at the recipe below of Dad to see how it will be when it is processed with a slow juicer!

At first sight, the gentle green color from the juice glass immediately affirmed its charm to attract people to constantly look back. Moreover, the scent is still gentle and very enchanting!

Not only is it made quickly, but toad juice also fully inherits the hidden nutrients of the other delicious ingredients.

Adding a little sugar and salt, few people can refuse the characteristic sweet and sour taste of this drink!

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4.Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate Juice

Surely everyone is anxious to know what the next juice is, right? Without wasting much more time, let’s welcome the arrival of pomegranate juice!

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If you have always had concerns that ordinary juicers will not be able to squeeze out all the juice and nutrients of pomegranates, now with slow juicers that problem will no longer be such a big deal. big.

Depending on your preference, you can make pure pomegranate juice or combine it with carrots! The pink color mixed with the faint purple of pomegranate and the characteristic sweet taste will surely make everyone enjoy it.

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5.Apple juice

Perhaps there is no need to introduce too much about apple juice anymore, because this is considered a wonderful and nutritious drink that many women have had to “crazy” because of it.

However, today there is a small difference, but the finished product is promoted more than twice. That is, processing with a slow juicer will retain 100% of the apple flavor and 90% of the vitamins!

Just a few simple ingredients in the corner of the kitchen combine together, so in a matter of seconds the juice has put on the distinctive golden brown color of a wonderful apple.

In particular, the natural sweetness of apples is dotted with a little sourness from lemon juice, do you like it?

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6.Carrot juice

Finally, carrot juice will close our list for today with its deliciousness as well as how quickly it is prepared to make everyone happy.

How can you forget the sweet and gentle taste of carrots? But today, when made with a slow juicer, it seems that the attraction has become much more promoted.

The glass of carrot juice has a bright orange color that is enchanting just by looking at it. In particular, the passionate aroma to the nose and the impressive sweetness of carrots certainly no one can refuse this attractive drink!

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So now everyone can pocket 6 ways of squeezing fruit with a slow juicer that is simple, fast, and time-saving, but the attractiveness and amount of nutrients have not decreased at all. Hope you enjoy these recipes.


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